Queen's Baton Design 2010

Client - Organising Committee Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games baton designed by Foley Designs embodies a fusion of diverse India in its contemporary avataar - a multifaceted, enterprising, young nation with many facets. The Commonwealth committee provided a challenge of creating a ‘Sports symbol of India’ – a baton that would carry the Queen’s message to India. Foley designs won the pitch to design the baton with its innovative and fundamentally symbolic idea of using ‘soil’ picked from every state in India depicting the very essence of co-existence, diversity and its relentless strive towards building a harmonious and progressive nation.

The Queen’s message is symbolically engraved on a ‘miniature’ gold leaf atop the soil assemblage. One if its unique feature which was a first for the baton was the imbedding of LED lights controlled by a GPS module – illuminating in a unique colour-combination of the flag of the nation it is travelling through. The illuminated colours would seamlessly transition when the baton moved from one nation to the next. The baton was a true symbol of a forward looking India!


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