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We are a design studio focused on
bringing our holistic problem-solving
approach to any design challenge.

We focus on building multi-disciplinary teams from the onset of a project to
enhance our ability to acknowledge, understand and solve problems through intuitive design solutions.


Incorporated in the latter half of 2006,
Foley Designs built a core specialization in product design, augmented with capabilities in experience design, brand identity, design innovation and strategy to create a holistic design consulting model. 

Michael Foley

As one of India’s leading product designers, Michael has won accolades and recognition internationally. Post his stint at Titan, he founded Foley Designs, which has become one of the leading multidisciplinary design studios in the country under his creative leadership. He is also the founder of TLV Solutions, a design execution company, with the intent of delivering simple and innovative product designs combined with world class design realisation.

Our teams consist of exceptional designers who are handpicked by Michael
Foley for their zeal for design, their originality of thought and their ability to use market and consumer understanding to create relevant and exciting design.

Industrial Designers

Our team of industrial designers use their collective experience, creativity knowledge of market trends to produce smart design solutions for everyday problems.


Graphic Designers

Our team of designers have a firm grasp on consumer psyche and can interpret company values to communicate the essence of the brand by crafting deliberate brand identity. 

Our engineers understand client requirements with a keen focus on value engineering to ensure the correct actualisation of design intent within budgetary, time and other constraints. 

Mechanical Engineers



Spatial designers, who can transform any space, by seamlessly tying in client requirements with revolutionary designs, while navigating spatial and other constraints

Armed with their artistic skills and in-depth knowledge of various rendering software, our Digital Sculptors can help realistically envision a preliminary idea by crafting detailed digital models.

3D Visualizers

3d vis2.jpg



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