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Artize Atelier
Experience Design

Incorporating a deep understanding of art and design, Artize transcends to the highest ideals of luxury bathware. They endeavor to achieve exclusivity in their products that add significant character and elegance to the experience they offer. Combining the best elements of art and technology into their products, Artize showcases a unique outlook on the bathroom experience.

An art-inspired space looking in the direction of luxury and glamor of bathware products, that offers an experience that reflects their depth of design and functionality


Installation Design

The idea that inspired the design, is the feel of a contemporary art gallery with a deconstructed style of design. It was to give the space more life and expression.

Each range is handled like an individual work of art and is enhanced by a special installation that weaves a story behind the design.


Every installation expresses the functionality of the product in an exquisite manner that specifically highlights the product. The form of the range displayed is inspired by an artist's easels. Their arrangement in a cascading fashion builds up curiosity and fascination among the visitors. 

Experimentation in textures and tones has been done to treat spatial layering. The monochrome setting with the brand color used as an accent adds grandeur and just the right edge to the interiors. 

Playing with various forms, lighting, and textures, the experience center attracts architects, interior designers, B2B & direct customers, giving them a perfect visual treat and a vast range of choices with heightened experience.

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