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Bespoke Lighting Design

At our in-house design lab, we are constantly recognising evolving trends, gathering insights and transforming them into opportunities that have led to many innovations in product, processes and technology for clients and for our own in-house initiatives.

The initial idea behind the Caribou Chandeliers was to rethink conventional lighting solutions and create a modern lighting installation. We wanted to free the chandelier of the burdens of wiring and make sure that it can be easily assembled into different configurations without any hassle.

Design Lab

Lighting Design Innovation

Crafted with finely polished wood and shaped in the proud silhouette of a deer’s antlers, the Caribou Chandelier is the first in a range of designs we are creating for a Bespoke Chandelier Collection from Foley Designs. For this particular design, we started by re-thinking lighting design from two key points of view - 

  • How do we challenge conventional chandelier design?

  • How do we create new visual and experience codes in design?

Based on the principle of “aesthetic functionality”, we wanted to solve the hassles of wiring in chandelier design.

Our solution? A wireless chandelier design, where an exposed metal-inlay traces the form to conduct electricity to the LED, etched-crystal lighting units. Responsible design is ensured through the use of low energy electronics and optimized usage of materials. Easily customisable according to the customer’s needs, our Wireless Caribou Chandelier has also been felicitated with the Green Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design.

Chandelier Good Design.png
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