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Cardboard Furniture 

Sustainable Furniture System Design

As a design studio, we are always trying to be on the forefront of design innovation that ushers in smoother functionality and solve problems that are otherwise unaddressed. Our in-house initiatives are just another scope to challenge ourselves in creating design that transcends the realm of aesthetics and empowers products for an improved user experience. One such scope of design opportunity was born out of the need for space in the smaller Indian homes. We decided to design a furniture line out of corrugated cardboard that could be assembled and disassembled as per need.

1- Main Image Flat Pack Furniture .jpg
4 - Flatpack Mat as a Vertical storage.j

Design Lab Innovations

Many Indian households comprise of large families stuck inside small living spaces. Ample seating is always an issue in such scenarios, especially when guests come over. With our line of Flatpack furniture we are looking to solve this particular issue by introducing furniture pieces that can be easily put together to increase seating and then dismantled and easily packed away out of sight when not in use.


We conducted thorough research to understand the existing products that provide similar functionality and drew three key insights – the products should be sustainable, easy to assemble, have multi-utilitarian features and should be easily customisable by the homeowner to match their décor. By working across teams in house, we were able to put together working prototypes of the product.

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