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Brand Identity - Wordmark redesign

The introduction of a new line of contemporary SUVs from Mahindra has brought to the forefront the need to contemporize the Mahindra wordmark redesigned to suit the modernity of the vehicle's styling. A new retail identity was also designed to create a completely new experience in the SUV category.

Brand - Wordmark redesign


The challenge was to retain the wordmark's high recall value, yet bringing new life with distinct innovations in type design. Re-stylization of letter forms, visual weights and negative spaces brings to life a new wordmark that is edgier, lighter and agile.

Mahindra logo deconstructed.jpg

The lower case 'm' redefines a younger and unrestrained brand persona. Angular cuts define a sharper assemblage of letters bringing visual continuity across the wordmark. The culmination of a series of refined interventions in the type design has created a bolder yet fresh perspective to a time tested brand unit. 

Option 1 View 1 .jpg
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