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Brand & Art Installation

Cornerstone wanted a unique installation which would not only captivate the public but also champion the city of Bengaluru. Thus our design for the Cornerstone installation was born. A seamless blend of a brand installation as well as art, the looming central structure is surrounded by flower-like forms, invoking Bengaluru’s fame as the Garden City.

Experience - Installation Design

The roundabout installation is inspired by the idea of Bengaluru being the original garden city. It also expresses a movement towards making cities green, sustainable and sensitive to environmental changes. Inspired by floral forms, this dramatic visual sculpture is illuminated with a range of floral colours, with subtle resemblances to flowers in bloom.

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Foley -12.jpg

The most dramatic visual impact is at night when the dynamically changing colour palettes lights up the entire installation in a captivating play of colours and forms. The central Cornerstone brand unit is designed to emerge from a green body transitioning into a city skyline subtly illuminated during the night.

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