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DSP Black

Limited Edition Holi Packaging

What is the true essence of Holi? Is it the different shades of gulaal? Or the refreshing drinks of thandai? Or is it the non-stop parties? While all of these things bring us joy during the festival of colours, the true essence of Holi lies in the coming together of friends and family in a euphoric celebration of life. And that is exactly what we needed to showcase through our packaging design for the DSP Black - Holi Limited Edition. 

How did we achieve this? Striking illustrations, bright pops of colours and a pinch of desi inspiration were all key components in our recipe to capture all the flavours of Holi in our design for the 2019 and 2020 Holi Limited Edition Line of DSP Black.


Brand - Packaging Graphics

A premium range of quality Indian malts blended to perfection, DSP Black wanted to create something special to complement their thandai collection of cocktail recipes, just in time for Holi. This festival, which unites Indians across multiple communities, also gave us all the design inspiration we needed to create this limited edition packaging, back in 2019.

DSP_03 Corrected.jpg

Featuring uniquely desi elements, like a thandai glass and vibrant mandala designs, we were able to communicate the camaraderie and the mood of celebration that are synonymous with this festival. We took traditional kitsch art, gave it a modern twist and presented it as pop art for an overall trendy look that translates into high shelf appeal, when stacked next to each other. 

DSP_02 Corrected.png

We kept the design language constant and created a similar packaging in 2020 as an evolution of previous year’s aesthetic. We wanted the packaging to appeal to a younger crowd, who know how to celebrate and have fun. Therefore, we retained some familiar brand elements, and injected the packaging artwork with vibrancy, fun and high energy, for both 2019 and 2020.

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