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Innovative Transportation Design

Conceptualized back in 2012, when the idea of electric bikes was fairly new in the country, the Scoo-Go E-bike was a result of a joint venture between Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and Foley Designs. 

We approached the E-bike by completely stripped down the initial design done by Team Srishti and quickly identified several areas of improvement. We wanted to develop the bike into a zero-emissions workhorse, which because of its tough bod and compact footprint could become the answer to many light cargo transportation needs. 

Design Lab

Innovative Design

Our innovators from the in-house design lab saw this as a golden opportunity to develop alternate modes of transportation and recognised its possible applications in commercial as well as residential spaces. With that in mind, we focused our innovation strategy to develop the application based utility of the E-bike.


Our goal was to transform the E-bike into a viable mode of light cargo transportation. Delivery of food, medicine, water canisters etc as well as other transportation requirements in gated societies, factories, hospitals, educational institutions, tech parks and office spaces, shopping malls and airports were the different areas of application that we identified. 

First thing we tackled was making the bike fully modular, which allows easy customization according to requirements and for better maintenance of parts. Other innovative technologies incorporated by Team Foley were a hybrid drive mechanism, smoother navigation system, and an easy charging mechanism with a removable battery box.

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