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FormulaOne Grand Prix, 2013

Trophy Design & Production

Reflecting the scale and magnitude of the sporting events, trophy design plays a key role in symbolising victory, camaraderie and the spirit of sports. Our design for the Formula1 trophies was inspired by the sport of racing and propagates to create iconic symbols of this iconic event in the racing world. Designed, engineered and crafted with extreme precision and care, these trophies a very unique story to tell.


Product - Trophy Design

The design of this trophy is an aesthetic interpretation of a contemporary and forward looking India on a global pedestal. The concept driving the trophy stems from a unique expression of the sport using a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and high precision engineering. The cup is created with 24 metal slivers that are assembled around an axis, inspired by the 24 spokes of the ‘chakra’.

The material used to aptly depict this fusion is aircraft grade light-weight aluminium. The colours green, white and saffron are embedded in the gaps between the slivers depicting a subtle expression of the Indian flag. The final avatars of the cup use a resilient ion-plating and anodising of aluminium to create a unique blend of metallic black, red and silver.

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