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Branding & Packaging Design

Picture a personal care brand that is inspired by the active lifestyle of the youth; a brand that truly represents its consumers – the go-getters and those always on the move, fuelled by the next big idea. MCaffeine reached out to us with a challenge to communicate their brand essence through every aspect of packaging so they could stand out in a market saturated with choices.

Brand Design

Rethinking Logo, Packaging & Brand Identity

Bold, vibrant and confident. This is how MCaffeine describes itself. To ensure that these product identity and values reflected in their identity and packaging, we had to crack a design that would make the brand look young & hip, and ooze confidence. 

Choco_Body Butter.png

By diving headfirst into understanding the customer base, we worked on analyzing design codes that capture the essence of a ‘vibrant nightlife’.


A quick-paced lifestyle, buzzing nightlife and being always on the move – these were the cues that informed the new brand identity for MCaffeine. 

Our insights helped us create a refreshingly new brand look & feel for MCaffeine.


Bold and minimal with pops of colour, the packaging showcases a simple & sharp new logo, hand drawn iconography, crisp & stylish typography and tactile material finishes, creating a sense of sophistication and modern indulgence.

Tea Hair Oil.png
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