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Paul John

Limited Edition Christmas Packaging

When Paul John wanted to launch Christmas Gift Packs for the flagship Brilliance, Edited and Bold, our job was to design the canister graphics to express that warm, fuzzy Christmassy feeling without losing any of their sophistication. Our design expression successfully captured the spirit of the holiday season, gave it an Indian spin to stay true to the brand story and successfully created yet another limited edition packaging design specific to the holidays. 

Brand - Packaging Design

With a central Christmas theme, we started the design process by analysing what other alcobev brands were doing on an international scale. Our research along with client’s brief about sending an Indianised Christmas message set off a design lightbulb in our minds.

We decided to model our design based on Christmas presents and added a torn effect revealing the brand name to emphasize on the unboxing experience. We further Indianised the design by seamlessly incorporating the Paul John elephant motif and tied it all together with the seasonal colours of white, green and red. The overall look creates an emotional connect with the festive season and inspires the true Christmas spirit. 

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