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Limited Edition Collectible Range

As a design studio, we have always strived to go beyond client deliverables. In an effort to bring awareness for a range of endangered species in India that are threatened and remain neglected with time, we decided to create a collection that brings the two things that are close to our hearts, protecting our wildlife and creating a unique design finished in exquisite craftsmanship. This is how we came up with our unique line of PIECE memorabilia, as a means of building awareness towards conservation of these endangered animals in their natural habitat.

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Piece conservation artefact 1.png
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Innovative Product Design

Our PIECE Collection attempts to shine the spotlight on our wildlife and the importance of protecting them in their natural habitat, through exquisitely crafted memorabilia. Much like the old ways of sending messages in bottles, we aspire that our limited edition ‘message in a bottle’ PIECE Collection is able to inspire the need to protect the natural resources of our delicate environment.

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The initial sketch and the creative leadership of Michael Foley presented a clear vision which guided our in-house digital sculptors to develop more realistic visual manifestation through the digital models of these pieces. The actual memorabilia were then sculpted with the help of upcycled liquor bottles, sustainably sourced teak wood, and recyclable metal alloys.

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