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Pro-Kabaddi League

Trophy Design & Production

The Pro Kabaddi League Season 2 trophy is another feather in our iconic trophy design cap. With a unique take on this traditional sport, the design brought forth the intricate physicality of Kabaddi by representing the players in the actual trophy itself.

Set 1-04.jpg
Set 1-03.jpg

Product - Trophy Design

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A fusion of new age sensibilities in a traditional sport, this coveted trophy was crafted with faux rose gold, titanium and copper, and depicts strength, agility and intelligence. While soil symbolises the roots of the sport, the design in form and structure represents the team and its unity.

Set 1-01.jpg

The trophy design depicts a pair of inverted forms intersecting to create the dynamics of a single player against seven. The design also incorporates a total of seven different finishes to depict the varied qualities among the players, thus adding visual and textural appeal. 

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