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Sliver Chairs

Zero Foot-Print Seating for Public Spaces

Creating bulk seating system in public spaces has a lot of spatial constraints. Where comfort and style take a backseat, functionality and economic usage of space come to the forefront. Keeping this in mind, we had designed our version of public seating, in the form of the SLIVER utility chairs. A minimal design that blends in well in most public spaces with ease, this line of chairs was designed for optimal functionality. 

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Set 1-08.jpg
Set 1-07.jpg
Design Lab

Innovative Seating Design Catered to Public Spaces

Sliver - Our answer to seating problems in public spaces. These chairs were created with two functionalities in mind – 

  1. Creating a space-saving seating area for heavy traffic public spaces like the airport, bus stands, railway stations, reception areas etc.

  2. Making it multi-functional by incorporating storage spaces and marketing surfaces. 

Set 1-05.jpg

This entire range of public utility chairs was designed by us in order to maximize space and functionality to provide an improved seating experience in public areas. Its minimalistic design allows for a decluttered appearance and a dual-directional seating, an incredibly small footprint and a hushed, soft return. With optimized dual side ad space and sufficient travel bag storage space, the SLIVER range of chairs is a smart interpretation of functional yet multi-purpose public seating.

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