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IME Sound Garden

Space & Navigation Design

The one of a kind Sound Garden constructed in the outdoor space at the Indian Music Experience store has always been a crowd puller. Be it the striking shapes that draws everybody’s attention and pulls them closer or the innovative experiences incorporated there to titillate music enthusiasts for a stand-out experience, the IME Sound Garden is a man-made miracle and one of the one-stop destinations for  kids as well as adults.


Experience Design

The striking installations that adorn this space are all designed for a thoroughly livening experience and invites visitors to explore its distinct sound, material and vibration. The humming stone — a rough, unpolished piece of granite with a deep hole — resonates rather musically when one hums into it.


A drum with steel springs vibrating in a metal enclosure produces the elemental sounds of a storm. However, one of the more iconic pieces of musical installation in the Sound Garden is the Sound Wave, a giant xylophone that you play with a mallet. It is designed for a full-body musical experience and shines as a focal point of the area, pulling in individuals who are inspired to strike it and make musical tones.

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