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The Water Collective 

Art Installation Exhibition

We have always had a deep association and long-standing working relationship with Titan, owing to the fact that our founder, Michael Foley used to head the Titan Design Studio, and later became Chief Creative Advisor to Titan Industries, before founding his own design studio. The Water Collective exhibition was designed and executed by us to establish the idea of unity among the employees of the organisation and signify the merging of everybody’s individual contributions.

Foley -2 - Copy small.jpg

Experience Design

Bringing alive the theme of 'Becoming one', we asked all Titan employees to collect water from their home in a bottle. The actual installation was designed and constructed by us in the shape of a boat that unified these different sources of water and flowed it together in one formidable force. The concept was to unite and engage the employees symbolically, by encouraging them to bring in water from the four corners of the country. The collected water is then dramatically unified to create a sense of oneness that the Titan force takes back with them. We not only conceptualised the design, but also executed the construction of the piece in-house, and then shipped and installed it to come together as per design intent in Amsterdam for the event.

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