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Tiaara by Artize

Luxury Faucet & Sanitaryware Design

A manufacturer of luxury products, Artize from the Jaquar Group creates artistic experiences that are meant for connoisseurs. 

We took inspiration from finely crafted jewellery and created an artistic, sculptural experience for the user. The faucet opens in an intuitive swiping motion to dispense water. The language of sculpting water with intonations from jewellery carries onto the other bathroom accessories, including the bathtub, basins and water closets, through the use of flamboyant curves and elegant flared edges.



Designed like a piece of jewellery with echoing ovals, the Tiaara faucet brings a unique sculptural quality to a commonplace function and elevates its usage into a memorable experience. It is the perfect balance of handcrafted and machine made processes. The brilliance of its design lies in its segmented assembly that allows for easy manufacturing and maintenance. This unique combination of effortless functionality within a stunning form has a custom water flow mechanism to allow for its dramatic contours. While the entire bathroom range is inspired by its memorable silhouette, the Tiaara faucet shines bright like a jewel in the crown.



In order to carry a similar aesthetic through the entire luxury bathroom line, we drew inspiration from the flamboyant curves and organic flared edges of the Tiaara faucet. Acting as the perfect complement, the coordinated basin and ceramics of this range turned the spotlight on the award-winning, show-stopping aesthetics of the faucet’s jewellery-inspired form. We focused on creating a standout bathtub with ergonomic curves that maximised user comfort and encouraged correct posture. The water outlet was also relocated to a more nondescript position, so as to not interfere with the user experience of luxury bathing. Other features of the Tiaara bathroom range, such as the Rainjoy Shower Head and other bathroom fixture were also deeply inspired by the one-of-a-kind silhouette of the Tiaara faucet. 

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