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Public Space Design

The Swacha Graha Kalike Kendra or the BBMP HSR Park was our effort to create a fun learning experience for children as well as adults who have an interest in all things environment friendly. By bringing together like-minded individuals of the community, we set to create an exciting, vibrant and informational space that would get people excited about the social and environmental benefits of waste decentralisation and composting techniques. To achieve this, we first hacked a strong design language, and then went about designing, manufacturing and installing different components of the park. 


Brand Design

For visual inspiration, we turned to the flea markets and tried to reimagine a similar vibe in a park space. In order to create a space that would successfully communicate the message of sustainability, we wanted to establish a clean and easy design language that had universal appeal across all age groups. That is why we leaned towards more earthy tones of red, green, yellow and brown and instilled it throughout the space in every element of design that we created, especially through the signage and wall graphic design. 


Experience Design


In order to create a space that encourages messages of sustainability, we wanted to walk the walk ourselves. That’s why we incorporated recycled and reusable materials in various sections of the park, to bring alive our message truly. We created installations and a play area out of waste to promote the idea of waste decentralisation and the widespread adoption of home and community composting techniques.

Old tires were recycled, painted and installed to create fun shapes and add individuality to the park’s design language. We minimised plastic usage, recycled paint cans to construct archways, and incorporated lots of natural details like Bamboo fencing to reiterate our message of sustainability and longevity. 

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