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Blu Armor Cooling Device

Product Design & Innovation

When companies introduce a completely new product to customers, they must be aware of a lot of concerns. Is the product user-friendly? Does it provide optimal balance of functionality and aesthetics? Does it successfully solve the user’s problem without creating new ones? All these questions and many more can be answered with the help of good product design. Keeping that in mind, we set out to enhance BluArmor’s revolutionary helmet cooling mechanism that provides car-like comfort to two-wheeler riders and bikers. For an elevated product that improves user experience, we optimised the internal components layout, provided surface engineering, and designed brand-relevant device and packaging graphics. 


Product Design

Product Design

Blu Armor introduced a completely innovative gear that attaches to the helmet and provides cooling relief to bike riders. We came on board in order to enhance the mechanism for improved product function. Three versions down, the design for the gear has been refined each year, with better airflow, improved temperature control, and now with additional Smart features and Bluetooth capabilities.


We partnered with Team Blu Armor and devised the optimal accommodation for all these increasing features in an aesthetically pleasing and functionally viable product. Because of its uniqueness, we had to draw inspiration from other categories. For example, the ‘winged clasp’ mechanism was inspired by the GoPro, while the single, gesture-controlled button was inspired by a computer mouse and iPod controls. 

Brand Design

Brand Design


We wanted to create a design language for the packaging that would tie in the product as well as create intrigue for the customers. Therefore we decided to draw inspiration from the product itself, and incorporated elements of it, like its mesh filters, into our device and packaging graphics. 

We also invested in intensive R&D and developed a common foldable packaging, which functions both as a display unit as well as a docking station, for the latest Blu3 models. 

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