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Blue Star
Brand Expression

Blue Star is the market leader in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration technology, fulfilling the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial, and residential customers.

Going a little deeper into technology and broader into brand legacy, an experience has been curated to tell the story and bring alive the journey of Blue Star. Designing a space that speaks of the brand ethos and tonality necessitated profound research to primarily showcase their products, services, innovations.

Bluestar (35).jpg

Experience Design

The spatial design of the Blue Star experience, reflects the core values of the brand personality and prowess of the expertise - as strong elements of the design. 

Creating seamlessly a sense of intrigue, the space unfolds the journey in a sequential manner with the objective of creating awareness and setting an impact of brand positioning. 

Bluestar (24).jpg

Adding plenty of meaning to every design element of the space, makes this experience a special one. The concept of ‘inside-out’ that dives deep into the components of a cooling appliance, brings out the basic layout of the space.

The theme takes visual cues from the details of engineered products & unfolds the narration of brand’s success in an experiential manner. The lenticular visual style creates the illusion of depth in the space and brings the experience to life.


The execution of the pilot store was handled by our partner, TLV Solutions, who delivered a turnkey store.

Bluestar (7).jpg
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