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Commonwealth Games, 2010

Queen's Baton Design & Production

The Queen’s Baton for the 2010 Commonwealth Games holds a special place in the collective hearts of the Foley family. After all it was our unique concept of showcasing a diverse, eclectic and rooted India that won the design bid among many other applicants. Keeping in mind that the baton was to be passed through the 70 Commonwealth nations before finally reaching our country, we wanted to showcase the diversity in our land. Our unique take on showcasing a different India, along with the latest technological additions, created a baton that was truly a design miracle. 



The Commonwealth Games baton embodies a fusion of diverse India - a multifaceted, enterprising young nation. Incorporating the different soil samples from across the country involved a strategic confluence of intelligent design, precision manufacturing, technology integration, software coding and craftsmanship.

The design and development of the baton was the definition of a collaborative strategy, where we partnered with Titan Industries for their expertise in high precision manufacturing, Bharat Electronics for their strength in wireless technologies and the Indian Army, who played a pivotal role in helping gather soil from all over the country. 

baton soil craft.jpg

Product Design


Built with aluminium and gold, the shape of the baton is created using a triangular section subtly tapering to help grip the form. The baton weaves an intricate soil pattern finally culminating at the pinnacle with Queen Elizabeth’s message laser carved on a miniature 18-carat gold leaf that is symbolic of the ancient Indian palm leaf.

The baton had also been given a technological boost with the help of a GPS based LED system that would light up with the flag colours of the country it was in. It also had an embedded camera and microphones which were wirelessly linked to a base station, to stream images and messages from the athlete.

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