Jaquar Headquarters
Navigation & Signage Design

When Jaquar set up their new HQ is Manesar, Delhi, we were called upon to design various elements of the space. The design intent was to create an overarching design language that is translated throughout the office space, while enhancing the core values of the company. Having already crafted and executed the World of Jaquar studio for an immersive experience centre and the Jaquar Lotus Installation to make a statement right at the entrance of this same HQ, we set upon designing the navigation and signage systems while championing the Jaquar brand through interplay of water forms.


Brand Design


We strived to bring alive the seamless connect between nature and man-made forms through our design language. Our core design inspiration came from the beauty of water and the inherent role it plays in our lives. We wanted to communicate to the world that Jaquar, being the foremost brand of bathroom solutions in India, was intrinsically driven and motivated by the different forms of water. With this fluidity in mind, we came up with a design language that drew inspiration from the geometric patterns that are born from the intersection of ripples in water. 


Experience Design


We designed and installed office navigations, cabin door name plates as well as conference room signage, while ensuring that it all tied in our design language of flow, resonance and harmonics of water patterns, as an interpretation of the Jaquar brand aesthetic.

Understanding a space and its key requirements is the first step in approaching any form of experience design project, even for navigation and signage. We made sure that the signage for cabins and conference rooms of senior management had an additional premium look by bringing in a gold element and setting them apart.