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Titan Edge Mechanical

Watch Design

Foley Designs' journey with Titan Company has been personal and enduring. Since inception, our collaboration across verticals has been promising and prominent as we always ideate and visualise together. Designed to enhance the beauty of intricate gear movement, radiate sophistication, and narrate the brand’s 36-year old legacy, Titan Edge Mechanical is a classic new luxury collection designed by Michael Foley.


Titan Edge has always elevated watchmaking technology, and their Mechanical collection continues its Legacy of Mastery by bringing together the magic of movement with the marvel of slimness – creating a powerful sense of pride. A design language crafting this achievement is the artistic brilliance of Foley Designs.


Watch BackSide.jpg

The design language of Titan Edge Mechanical epitomizes the Modernization of a Classic. Every element of the timepiece magnifies uncompromising detail. Crafted in surgical grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal, non-allergenic leather and molded bands, each watch comes with an ergonomically detailed crown that makes winding effortless. The movement is celebrated with a clear sapphire crystal back showcasing the intricate bridge and a stylized window on the dial, bringing alive the mechanical intricacies of watch making.



A distinctive visual style is contoured to comfortably fit the wrist with a design that creates an ultra-modern expression in stainless steel and FKM rubber. The timepiece is an architectural assemblage of steel, sapphire crystal and chiselled metal with machined grooves that seamlessly flow into the band while the steel blue hands complement the monochromatic tone of the watch.




Creating a mystical illusion of serrations, the dial design is set in classic steel and gold with finely carved valleys on the rim. The stainless steel bezel with sculpted lugs and an integrated leather band creates a snug contoured fit on the wrist, while the custom designed crown and exposed back give it a contemporary twist.

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