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Material & Process Innovation

From utilitarian to fashion, from prescribed corrective measures to a lifestyle choice – the eyewear industry has seen a drastic modernisation. Drawing from our analytical experience and knowledge with market trends, we knew that this industry revamp was here to stay. As an eyewear brand that wanted to expand into a younger customer base, Titan Eye Plus had to refresh or perish. We helped them shed their clinical look by sprucing up their brand with a new logo, a refreshing colour palate and a retail footprint featuring design details that are minimal and contemporary. 



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A couple of decades ago, corrective eyewear or spectacles were considered simply not cool. As a result, the eyewear industry was a different ball-game altogether. Most eyewear brands, including Titan, had a more clinical approach and focused solely on functionality. And there wasn’t much scope for an elevated brand and user experience. 


We knew that the brand needed to become an extension of the cool and contemporary personality of the younger generation. By adopting a more youthful design language, we helped shed the clinical look of the brand A refreshingly new colour palette of blue & white, and a clean & minimal logo helped is build a more vigorous look for the brand. 


Fast forward to the current market; with more and more youngsters viewing spectacles and other eyewear as fashion and lifestyle accessories, the industry has gone through a major makeover. It was time for Titan Eye Plus to have one too.


Experience Design

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For a complete renovated retail experience that would draw in customers to the Titan Eye Plus stores, we needed to go beyond the brand identity. With online shopping ever on the rise, customers needed to be offered a powerful in-store experience, something that they couldn’t get online. And a total retail refresh would only be possible by planning for a complete customer experience in the store.

We designed every touch point in the transition of the consumer’s journey from brand engagement to product selection. We wanted the retail space to be open, approachable and inviting enough to bring in younger customers, while preserving some key reminders of the older store formats that would retain their existing customer base.


The execution of the pilot concept store was handled by our partner, TLV Solutions, who managed the entire project right from the start and delivered a turnkey store. 

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