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Duroflex Mattress 

Product & Brand Design

When Duroflex decided to revolutionise the mattress industry with the promise of a complete new sleeping experience, they approached us to construct the branding as well as the design language of their new line of specialised mattresses. We stepped up, and through thorough research, figured out the colours, patterns, imagery and other design details, like threading, stitching and printing processes to ensure that the brand story is communicated effectively through the mattresses. 

Brand Design

Brand Design

The importance of sleep – that was the core communication that Duroflex wanted their customers to walk away with. Their new range of mattresses was designed to do just that, by providing catering specifically to customer requirements. Therefore, we took an approach of relationship building with the customers and developed a design language that used visual cues to set the mattresses apart, and communicated the brand story.


For the Energise range, we used vibrant shades of reds and oranges to symbolise an infusion of energy for the user. The dynamic pattern across the mattress also inspires the feeling of an exponential energy surge and therefore was the perfect design detail for a mattress that wanted to rejuvenate the user. It helped highlight the fact that the brand put in time & money into research & design to help create a complete product & brand experience.

Product Design

Product Design

We started off with the Energise range, where the client wanted the mattresses themselves to highlight benefits, giving customers a lasting experience, long after the purchase was done. The visual design was seamlessly meshed with the construction of the mattress itself. These designs, once approved, were tested using multiple processes at their factories. We worked closely with their marketing and R&D teams to develop the design and pushed boundaries of their factory’s capabilities to deliver the prototype.


The design language was tied together with the use of bold belly bands that were designed to be synchronous to the patterns of the mattresses. With the success of the Energise range, we moved on to the Duropedic line - a range formulated specifically for back support; the Natural Living line - a range that’s made from 100% natural latex and organic cotton and finally to the Essential line - their basic range of mattresses.

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