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ITC Fabelle

Chocolate Structure Design

When ITC launched the Fabelle luxury chocolate line using modern trade distribution, the most dominant player in the market was Cadbury. They figured that the offering should be something very unique and something that would stand out in a pretty saturated market. We helped craft a premium look for the chocolate bar, in line with the branding, that helped the brand make a distinct mark in the chocolate industry in India. 


Product Design

With the design of the filled chocolate bar, we wanted to break away from the usual square mould and instead create a design language that would establish a memorable experience with chocolate lovers. The idea was to bring exotic flavours into a premium chocolate range that would speak the design language to the consumers, by hitting all the tangible, visual and tactile parameters.


Part of our aesthetic choice for the Layered Chocolate was to keep the middle layer visible from the side as well as the top. By incorporating the Fabelle Star in the layer pattern on top, consumers are able to view the filled-in layer with every tempting bite. 

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