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Fiama Di Wills 

Soap & Bottle Structures 


Driven by innovation, ITC launched a unique range of Fiama Gel Bars and Body Wash, developed through years of scientific research. They wanted us to create a unique brand signature and experience through the design of their products.


We created a unique design language that communicated the soft, moisturising aspects of their products, with a clear distinction between the male and female, while bringing out the aspect of scientific research.



Our unique design and innovative approach broke the clutter in the market and created brand moments that stayed with the consumer long after purchase. By introducing a new innovative method of soap-making that involved pouring of the material, rather than forming, the design language of the gel bathing bar was inspired by a soft, fluid shape of a water droplet.


Product Design


The design codes for the bottle structures were interpreted through organic forms, representing femininity and sharper edges, representing masculinity. The bottle structure for the women’s body wash had a softly contoured, tall and elegant form with fluid pleats, whereas an edgier look and dotted grips was given to the men’s body wash bottle. Both the designs were tied in with similar cap structure to unite them under the same family.

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