Godrej Navtal NXT

Signature Padlock Design

India has been safeguarding its doors, cupboards and homes with the infallible Godrej padlocks for years now. Therefore it was an exceptional challenge when we were tasked with creating a new look for Godrej’s NAVTAL NXT padlocks that would retain the iconic shape and elevate it in terms of aesthetic appeal and functional ease. Based on a design code of trust, stability and humanised technology, we crafted a sleeker version of the padlock, with a revolutionary take on the keyhole mechanism. 



Our design intent with the Navtal padlock went beyond contemporising the aesthetics. We wanted the lock to create a memorable product experience for the user by making it work even better. Our research told us that one of the biggest concerns for the user is the difficulty in aligning the key to the barrel, because of a certain moving part within the keyhole.


We partnered with Godrej’s R & D team to approach this problem by designing an asymmetric cross-sectional shape of the key and the keyhole, thus eliminating this issue from the locks. The path breaking asymmetric key was born, removing the need to align your key to the lock, giving the user a smoother product experience.


Product Design

When we set out to create an enduring new product identity for Godrej Navtal, we knew we had to make the Navtal experience personal and memorable for the user, without compromising the legacy and heritage that the brand already encompassed. With the design ethos of Completeness, Security, Strength & Endurance firmly in our minds, we elongated the loop for ease of use, bevelled the padlock edge to enhance a sense of strength, and embedded the brand unit, creating a stamp of trust. However, the highlight of our design was incorporating an asymmetric key which also carried the minimal yet robust design language from the lock, and the asymmetric keyhole.