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Retail Store Design

Established way back in the 19th century, Higginbothams is an old Bangalore institution, standing proud in the commercial hub of the city – MG Road. With changing times, its ‘rundown bookshop’ vibes were not attracting any new customers and as a result the footfalls slowed down exponentially. The store needed a major revamp in order to become a trendy hub for book-lovers to assemble in. We decided to put our spatial engineers, branding experts and design execution team to work and gave the store a modern upheaval that has amped up their business, as well as reshaped the retail silhouette of MG Road. 


Brand Design

In an age of electronic readers and online stores, we wanted to position the new Higginbothams store as a breath of fresh air. We kept the spatial branding consistent with the new brand positioning and create a warm yet vibrant and youthful space.

We maintained some vintage features of the building and opted for a more graphic and youthful colour palette of black and yellow, along with a bold typography to create a lasting impression. The updated brand logo incorporated the classic vintage silhouette of the store and presented a more dynamic impact. 


Experience Design

With most brick and mortar closing shop in an increasingly digital age, we wanted to  transform Higginbothams into a mecca for book lovers, to either idly browse through volumes or to get together for small events. We steered clear of the usual single-hall, almost warehouse-style spaces of the giant bookstore chains and instead adopted a floor plan that allowed us to titillate the ever-curious minds of our visitors.

By maintaining the vintage exterior façade and incorporating new sections and surprising alcoves in a meandering route in the interior, we wanted to create a memorable experience of being in the actual physical store for the customers. A refurbished courtyard for events, and future plans for a cosy little café, transformed the new Higginbothams space into a memorable experience for book-lovers of Bangalore. 

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