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Brand Architecture and Packaging Design

We cannot talk about our design journey without mentioning our ongoing, decade-long partnership with Himalaya. Working together, we created one of the most identifiable and unique brand identity graphics that set Himalaya apart in the personal care market, inspiring major brands to emulate similar styles. We went on to develop designs for bottle structures along with identity for countless other product lines and categories like Pet Care, Oral Health, Men’s Styling Gel and many more. 

Organique range.jpg
Brand Strategy


Himalaya has always prided itself as an organization that was encoded with a strong DNA in both nature and science. During our initial conversations with them, we envisioned a theme for their brand calendar that showed the natural components of the products through digitally painted illustrations, mimicking an x-ray-esque visual style that implied the science meets nature encoded in the DNA of the brand. 

This style would then go on to become synonymous with Himalaya’s brand identity for over a decade, during which many other brands tried to replicate the effect, without much success. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 12.36.54

Product Design

Himalaya Body Lotion


We drew inspiration from the leaf detail from the brand logo for the bottle structure of the Himalaya Body Lotion line. The idea was to create a design that focused on easy usage of the bottles through soft and slightly contoured structures. The leaf on the cap, inspired by the 'H' in the Himalaya logo, seals the brand promise of wellness through Herbal solutions based on science.

The packaging talked about the ingredients in a luxurious yet natural way, through the use of actual herbs enveloped in a flow of milk.

nourishing-body-lotion-200ml_1200x1200 (
Personal Care

Brand Design

At the core of creating a strong brand identity for Himalaya was what we like to call the ‘X-ray Theme’, which we initially conceptualized for their brand calendar. It was a unique visual style that highlighted the brand’s science meets nature values. We further developed specific graphics and brand details for individual category lines under Himalaya’s umbrella brand. 


Himalaya Animal Health


The simple visual language creates a dependable pharmaceutical look for a product that would be prescribed by a vet for farm animals. To overcome language barriers for farmers across the country, we incorporated realistic silhouettes of farm animals and minimal colour codes to represent the different products and their categories of Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture.

Animal Care

Himalaya Lip Balm


The design reflects the fact that the lip balms are enriched with natural ingredients that provide intense moisturization. The key ingredients Strawberry and Cocoa Butter are shown in their full glory to enhance the overall natural quotient of the lip balms.

Himalaya Organique


For this line of organic personal care products, an analogy of porcelain tableware inspired the spout like feature of the design. Himalaya logo colours of teal with accents of orange were incorporated to create a signature line. 

Organique range.jpg
Men's Line

Himalaya Men Styling Gel


We created a moodier look by colour blocking darker shades inspired by the classic Himalaya teal and green. We also interpreted the leaf detail from the Himalaya logo as a more masculine silver stripe, reinforcing the brand identity.

Himalaya Men Beard Oil


In order to focus on making the product look more masculine, we opted for a more rustic yet vintage look by incorporating copper details, inspired by classic cruiser bikes, along with vintage lettering in order to appeal to the rugged urban man. 

The packaging colour of shaded dark teal continued the intensely stylish vibe that we were going for. 

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