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HUL Pureit Range

Structural Design

We are all becoming more health conscious than ever, especially when it comes to staying hydrated. Normal clean water is not enough. Consumers now look for the healthiest option for their family; they want water that adds to their wellbeing through innovative purification processes.

Addressing this growing consumer trend, Pureit’s new revolutionary products were built using the most innovative technologies like RO, UV, MF and Oxytube. To complement their technology, we proposed a unified design language across the line that would successfully convey the brand values of purity and trust.

We implemented bold new colour codes and experience hook that established an instant connection with the consumer and helped the products stand out in the market. 



The requirements of design are not always aesthetic. Creating a unique design language to communicate deeper brand values can actually unearth new trends. The best example for that is our design strategy for the HUL Pureit line of water purifiers.

The brand wanted to communicate the essence of purity. Most other water purifiers in the market at that time would use white to signify that. However, we decided to shake things up. This bold new colour palette helped the product line stand out in a crowd of mainly white water purifiers and broke all category codes. What started as a one-off project with a single device, quickly turned into a family of devices with a unified design language.

Product Design

Product Design

Instead of blending in, we wanted the HUL Pureit range to stand out in the retail space. That is why, in a market strictly dominated by white and lighter colour palettes, we opted for black.


Accompanying our bold colour choice was an experience hook of a lit-up water dispenser and soft contours, through which we were able to clearly communicate the brand values of trust and purity to the consumers. 


A special mention in this line goes to the HUL Copper purifier, which is the very first device to scientifically infuse the goodness of Copper in the water. To highlight their internal copper tank, we imbibed the same colour and shape that is reminiscent of a copper carafe used to store water in the good old days.

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