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ITC Engage

Brand Positioning, Packaging, Product Strategy 

ITC is a multinational conglomerate and one of our biggest clients, who we have worked with on multiple projects. Building a close relationship with the company has allowed us to understand their company vision has also enabled us to contribute more than just design, especially for their Engage brand of fragrances. 

When they forayed into the deodorant market in 2013, the challenge was to create a product and a brand in a market that was already quite saturated by other major players. However, there weren’t any brands that provided fragrance options for both men and women. With that brand mission in mind, ITC approached us for the Engage brand. What we proposed, developed, implemented, executed has then changed the status quo of the fragrance market, by bringing in a balance of the sexes in a previously male-focused product category. 


We did a deep-dive into the perfume and deodorant market in India and discovered that there was no fragrance brand that was approaching men and women equally. Therefore, we proposed a joint perspective of appealing to both men and women through a single concept. 

The theme was based on the initial dance of attraction and the playful chemistry between couples, which impressed ITC enough for them to adopt the same concept for their complete marketing strategy. 

We went beyond the scope of design and worked with Team Engage to chart out a 360 degree strategic path, which included conceptualization of the brand, designing the brand language and identity, researching further scope for brand extensions, expanding the product line, and penetrating a new market segment.


Brand Design

Brand Design

A vibrant colour palette and innovative use of interlinking silhouettes were used to bring alive our brand concept of the playful chemistry between couples and the dance of attraction. We incorporated a capital ‘G’ in the logo for the men’s line, and a small ‘g’ for the women’s line to maintain a subtle difference between the two. 

Engage ON+ Pocket Perfume Graphics


The Engage ON+ Pocket Perfume is a brilliant example of the level of detailing and the thought process that we bring into our designs. With shades of bright neon green and contrasting black, we communicate a fresh, trendy and graphic brand message to today’s youth. To ensure that all three products of this line stood out, we incorporated graphic details signifying the fragrance inspiration - animal skin pattern for the Musky Flip, green, triangular, stacked forms for the Forest Flip, and a wavy pattern for the Breezy Flip. 

Product Design

Product Design


Engage Eau De Parfum Bottle Structure  


When Engage decided to expand their market share in the mid-premium fragrance space, we continued the brand identity of playful chemistry into the design of the Eau De Parfum bottle structures. They were all designed in pairs, meant to complement each other, using a single shape identity, yet inverted to create unique identities for each category.  An angled glass plane at the bottom etched with the words man and woman created a distinct reflection when placed on a table. 

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