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Detailing & Trims

An iconic bike like Jawa has a permanent place in people’s hearts and their mind’s eye, as a part of the experience and magic of this classic cruiser is also based on its overarching design language. We knew that we could not make drastic changes to that if we wanted a favourable consumer reaction. Instead, we aligned our attention on creating a new design that is reminiscent enough of the older model to evoke nostalgic memories of days gone by, by focusing on the colours, materials and finishes.

Product Design

Product Design

We asked ourselves, how can we create a look that is relevant to today's modern aesthetic, but without distorting the original image? To understand the brand and its potential customers better, we interacted with many bikers and two-wheeler enthusiasts, and took into account every little detail of user experience and expectations on a bike like this.


We approached the challenge by charting a CMF (colour, material, finish) strategy. By maintaining the core design language and elevating the colour, material and finish to a more contemporary level, we were able to hit the sweet spot of nostalgic charm meets modern aesthetics.

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