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Livfast & Livguard

Inverter & Battery Design

Indian households are evolving. Rapid globalisation over the last decade has brought with it an infusion of colour and beauty into our everyday objects and even heavy duty appliances are getting a makeover! Livfast and Livguard wanted to capitalise on this changing mentality towards home appliances and approached us to redesign their home inverter and battery lines. From our thorough research with Indian households, and suppliers and dealerships, we understood that it was a non-interactive product segment almost completely dominated by industrial-looking appliances. Therefore, we focused on creating aspirational products that could be shown off, much like a new TV or a fancy refrigerator, instead of being hidden away in a corner of the house.  

Product Design

Product Design

For both the Livfast and Livguard lines of inverter and battery design, we decided to create design languages that would speak to our target market of individualistic adults who maintained a strong sense of responsibility and ownership.  We wanted the design to reflect these dynamic people who want more out of life.


After studying the construction of competitor models as well as the different market segment, we elevated the design language through a combination of colours and clean design details, finished in a combination of matte and gloss textures. The final result – a range of inverter and inverter batteries that fits right in with contemporary, Indian home décor. 

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