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Ottomate Smart Fans

Design Language & Product Language

As a leading smart home appliance manufacturer, Ottomate approached us to create an elevated design language for their new line of smart fans, meant for modern Indian homes. The brief was to heighten functionality and elevate overall visual appeal by triggering positive responses from customers. After a thorough international and national competition analysis, we developed a design language that “the human side of intelligence”. This was translated across their smart fan range.



The Ottomate brand was launched purely as a smart fan brand from the beginning and therefore the design language needed to reflect that. Our strategy was to delve deeper to understand the consumer usage patterns and sensibilities, integrate new configurations for smart products and transform traditional design codes in the fan category to create a new visual language that was carried across their entire range. By establishing a design language that works for both premium and economic lines of fans, within budgetary constraints, we were able to create a design language that could strategically be translated across all price points. 

Product Design

Product Design


With more and more home appliances becoming “smarter” every day, we wanted the design identity of the Ottomate smart fan range to stand out in a crowd of more industrial looking products by bringing in a “subtle human difference” to automation and smart technology.

We were able to achieve this by seamlessly integrating a more fluid and expressive outer shell with a more structured and bold inner core, thus successfully marrying human emotional expression with technological intelligence. 

Based on this design language, we modelled their basic, mid-range and premium lines of ceiling fans, by playing with different colours and textures. We also drew inspiration from the design language while creating the remote for the fan and the exhaust fan. 

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