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Brand Identity | Dial Design

Brand Identity | Dial Design


RED DOT AWARD Winner 2022 - Brand & Communication.

‘Terroir’, is a collection of dials designed to showcase the diverse manufacturing capabilities involved in creating precise aesthetics at a ‘miniature’ scale for watch dials.


‘Terroir’ uses the concept of ‘miniaturization’ very aptly as dials have a small space to depict a creative expression.

Dial manufacturing combines several unique processes such as miniature textures, pressed patterns, pad-printing techniques, index machining, color tints and tones, giving them a wide range of creative techniques for customized dial design.

‘Terroir’ takes the idea of ‘beauty from above' a Birdseye view of the earth to create miniature representations that depict Wonders of the Earth. This dial collection has been transformed into a set of demonstration presentations, complemented with physical samples for Swiss watch companies to experience Taratec’s breath-taking capabilities in dial manufacturing.

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