Endangered Species
Toy Design
Finalist all India Toycathon 2021-22 


Cuddly Woodly Toys-Ganges Dolphin and Asian Elephant. The Ganges Dolphin and Asian Elephant

are from our collection of endangered species toys. Every toy includes informative trading cards. Driven by our love for animals and the urgent need to protect them, we design toys to create awareness and compassion amongst children and parents. Children can collect and exchange cards and interesting facts about endangered species with each other.

Conscious of our carbon footprint, the packaging is made from recycled paper and converts into a colouring activity and DIY cutouts that become the environment for the pretend play animal toys. 

Made from splinter free Aale mara wood and fabric waste from the block printing textile industry our toys are hand made all the way.

Conscious of Ranging from the Bulmer Fruit Bat, on the brink of extinction, to the Giant Panda, which was once endangered, but now upgraded to "vulnerable" --our toys carry a message of hope that careful conservation can help bring these animals out of the danger zone.

Inspired by endangered species, we created animals like Asian Elephants and Ganges Dolphins using contemporary design forms for global appeal. 


Innovative Design

Our motto with toy design is to stir the imagination, enhance creativity, develop gross motor and/or fine motor skills, complemented with enhanced thinking skills of children. Made out of wood, fabric, or other natural materials, our toys ensure safety and fun for kids of different ages, while keeping them sustainable. Storytelling, DIY, Enhanced Creativity & Curiosity, Craft Oriented, Improving Civic Sense, Bedtime Play, and Puppeteering are a few of the things that our range of toys brings to our children.


Toy within a Toy


Building compassion through the relationship between mother and child Every toy animal can be opened to have a baby animal finger puppet inside. Children identify with the baby animal and its mother and feel closer to it.

A message of hope for the continuance of the species is carried through the baby animal, which shows the cycle of life.

The materials used for the toys are the following: ​​

  • Splinter free Halle and Acacia wood 

  • Non-toxic colours

  • Handmade fabric parts 


Packaging Design

As the children grow older and their understanding increases, they pride themselves on sharing unique information with their peers.

  • Learn more about the bodies and behaviours of the animals.

  • Trading cards to exchange and extend play.

  • Collect and exchange information about the endangered species through interesting facts.


Play Extension:

The back of the sleeve carries different activities for children to ensure more play and minimum wastage.


Did you Know?


132 species of plants and animals including 18 species of amphibians, 14 fishes, 10 mammals and 15 bird species. 



310 species of plants and animals as Including 32 amphibians, 69 fishes, and 38 mammals.


1 species of frog.