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World of Jaquar

Experience Centre Design

The Art of Sculpting Water experience centre was designed to establish the ideology of Jaquar, a company that has its roots in its legacy, its heart in the present and its vision in the future. Inspired by their products that bring water to life and the ‘Rasa’ concept of emotion and experience in Bharatnatyam, we planned a visual journey and experience centred on the concept of “Sculpting Water” and expressing the legacy, values and future perspective of the group. 



With a vision of creating an immersive brand experience at the new Jaquar corporate headquarters in Manesar, Gurgaon, we focused on telling the story of the origins of the company, their journey and achievements, their present impact and their future goals. We focused on defining an immersive emotive signature of the group, with a powerful foundation in strong Indian roots.


The storyline we developed was deeply inspired from the idea of sculpting water and giving water an expression through the ideologies of Natyashastra. With the brand story in mind, we also designed the typography for the branding, along with conceptualizing the storyline and journey for the visitors.


Experience Design

Through regular site visits we immersed ourselves in the space and let the spatial concept develop in an organic flow that would blend seamlessly within their headquarters.


For the space itself, we wanted to go beyond the conventional experience centres, where the visitor is just a mere audience to an exhibit. We designed an amalgamation of multi-sensory experiences that immerses the visitor in the space and transports them into another world.

Diverse experiences like interactive floors, dramatic reveal of the founders bust, inspiring imagery of the scale of the group, products and processes, the insular brand experiences of Essco, Jaquar, and Artize, the architect's engagement with the space towards the end of the journey, each defines a fragment of a beautiful revelation of the Jaquar group.


Product Design


In order to create a much more dynamic impression on the visitor, we knew we had to create unique installations that were the perfect blend of product design, experience design and branding across the space, with the help of high-end technology.

One of the rooms had a blown glass installation creating the effect of walking into a perpetual rain shower. Interactive floor, ceiling and wall projections, unconventional structures, interactive surfaces and many more were used to make the experience that much more immersive and mesmerizing. 

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