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Children's Store Design

With an initial requirement of just setting up a stand-alone kiosk in the Bangalore International Airport Domestic Departure, the client wanted to set up a store that went beyond just offering products for sale and instead created a space that was interactive and fun, thereby building a long lasting relationship with younger children. Because of the strong transactional nature of most of the stores in the airport, younger children hardly had any place that would capture their imagination and pull them closer. With Zwoosh, the idea was to create a space that would not only store books and toys to entertain kids for a long flight but also something the parents could distract their little one during a long wait for a flight.

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Brand Design

Spatial Branding Design

In order to stand out in a terminal full of retail stores and eateries, we went full out with the brand design of the Zwoosh store. We developed brightly coloured environmental graphics that stood out prominently in the otherwise muted tones of the domestic terminal. The overall brand design was inspired by clouds.


The store stood out amongst the others due to its undefined incongruous shape and bright watercolours that represented the imagination of the children.  The brand logo was also highlighted by placing it predominantly on the store façade, thus establishing an impactful brand experience that was interactive, child-friendly and memorable.

Experience Design

Experience Design

With Zwoosh, not only did we want to create an exciting place for children to be their lively selves, but we also wanted it to be a place that inspired their creative imagination and provided them with a spot for playing before their parents actually purchased something for them.

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By converting the shop space into an open floor design, we established a space where children were free to explore their imagination by running around, playing and making friends. To make it further child-friendly, we kept the space completely free of any sharp edges or corners. For further inclusivity, we also incorporated a wheelchair accessible ramp.

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